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Featured Poet: Linda M. Crate

reclaimation of myself
i’ve reclaimed my voice, my magic, my power; too long i believed i wasn’t good enough when i was actually over qualified—i am a force to be reckoned with, a forest and an ocean all my own; galaxies of stars blazing brighter than the sun and flower gardens with lovely blooms and ferocious thorns—i am not some temple or building you can tear down or desecrate, i am not the caged canary, i am not the woman you can chop down like a cherry tree; i am me—a fierce goddess of love, magic, and light; whose dreams and laughter will heal all the broken hills around me until apathy and darkness are no more—i will not be chained nor restrained to the will of any other, i am the creator of my own destiny; i know there are more than nightmares and shades in this world and i refuse to let the monsters win—i will rise above everything that tries to break me wearing my scars as ornaments of pride because they give me character, and are proof that i can survive no matter what life throws at me.