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What people aren’t talking about amidst COVID-19

As we are “physically distancing” ourselves, it is important that we acknowledge that there have been more 911 and hotline calls regarding domestic violence concerns. As an avid domestic violence advocate, this bothers me a significant amount.

People aren’t talking about it

People aren’t talking about it because, though COVID-19 is taking the lives of many keep in mind there are some lives that may be taken from domestic violence, as well. I recently saw an article about how more divorces are happening during lock down, but what people aren’t discussing is the rise of domestic abuse. Just like COVID-19, people need to be taking domestic life seriously, as well. Domestic violence is just as deadly, and is more common. There is so much more to the isolation that meets the visible eye, or the invisible eye that doesn’t see what goes on behind doors. Isolation only gives abusers more power. According to a New York Times article:

“In addition to physical violence, which is not present in every abusive relationship, common tools of abuse include isolation from friends, family and employment; constant surveillance; strict, detailed rules for behavior; and restrictions on access to such basic necessities as food, clothing and sanitary facilities.”

— Amanda Taub

France is the only country doing something about it

Thus far, I only heard of one country actually doing something about the domestic violence epidemic amidst the pandemic: France. Women have begun to use code words to pharmacies, which I can only picture when I went abroad to France in my junior year of high school. This gives France the green light, and should give other countries the green light to report domestic violence problems to pharmacies. According to CNN:

“A woman walked into a pharmacy in the French city of Nancy last Sunday, one of the few public places still open after the government imposed a nationwide lockdown to prevent the spread of a dangerous virus.But the woman wasn’t there for medicine; she was there to tell the pharmacist that her partner had abused her. Soon after, the woman’s spouse was arrested by police.”

 Ivana Kottasová and Valentina Di Donato, CNN

Is there a coincidence that “The Kitchen” is playing during this time? Now more than ever? I think not.

Either way, there is something boiling in kitchens, maybe some more than others, that are going under-reported. 77% of cases go under-reported, after all.


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